Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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Who is Jenna Moran?

Jenna Katerin Moran is a writer. She was born in a mysterious location, raised in California, and is currently based in Taiwan. Under the name “Rebecca Sean Borgstrom,” she created the award-winning Nobilis RPG and wrote for Exalted and a number of other gaming products and lines.


Other Projects

(Hitherby angel art by Cazieopeia@IStockPhoto)

Hitherby Dragons (serial fiction)

(Chibi-Ex propaganda poster by Miranda Harrell)

Chibi-Ex (webcomic, with Miranda Harrell)

Jenna Moran waits by the phone every day.

It is an imaginary phone. Admittedly. She does not have an actual phone. It is an imaginary phone; but still, it never rings.

Occasionally it goes ‘glrt.’

When it does go ‘glrt’ she will pick it up, frantically, just in case it is a ring. But no. It is not a ring. It is just a ‘glrt.’ A fritz. It is just somebody fiddling with the celestial line.

And she is minded, then, to shout: “Imaginary Phone Repairmaaaaaaaaaaaan!”

This does not actually rhyme with “Khan” unless she has spontaneously acquired a peculiar . . . Rastafarian? accent? Is that what that would be? I wonder what that says about Mr. Kirk?

But anyway.

One day the people of the world will realize that making Jenna Katerin Moran their benevolent dictator is best. Then they will call, on that line or any other, and shower her with praise and riches. In the face of such devotion, I think, even an imaginary phone must ring!

In addition to calling on the imaginary phone you are allowed to call Jenna Moran a doctor. However her medical training is not the best.

This is because she has no medical training.

She is not actually a medical doctor.

Discovering this in the middle of surgery would be so awkward! Aren’t you glad I told you now?

Jenna Moran does not have an M.D. Instead she has a doctorate. It is in computer science.

Her doctorate in computer science is in a mailing tube in her suitcase. It has never been opened. If the doctorate is poisoned or full of scorpions then some ninja somewhere must be very sad right now. Why has it never been opened? I think it is probably the same reason that she will occasionally yell at the sky, “Imaginary Tech Economyyyyyyyyyyy!”

I think you would probably be allowed to call her a doctor even if she did not have a doctorate but various people who are in charge of proper terminology would disapprove. I’m so glad you don’t have to face that onus! It would be a burden too great for even an ache-shouldered titan holding up the sky to bear.

Jenna Moran has a cool sister and many cool friends, without which she would not be alive today or be able to put this site together.


Just think how awful it would be if she hadn’t survived to write this text. The past few minutes of your life where you’d read it would be a truly mysterious and disturbing phenomenon, like eating ghost sandwiches while the shadowy government conspiracy experiments with your brain. And you’d suddenly, inexplicably know how to do macramé!

Fireworks over Suzhou

Jenna and an Enemy
(by Miranda Harrell)