Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 8 –

– 8 –

It is seven hundred years earlier, more or less.

Brygmir has returned to the lower world. Eldri wanders the surface and interferes with the world of man. The wolf is not yet Edmund’s, as Edmund is not yet born; the wolf is tangled through, with, and in the hands of Mathys Gullwing, an otherwise undistinguished resident of Canterbury, instead.

The wicked god of space has flown like a wicked word;

Like a wicked knife;

Like, well, a wicked god.

It staggers itself down onto the surface of a world whose people know no hopes, no dreams, no hearts, and no hungers.

It binds them to itself.

It breathes itself in and out through them.

Their warlord’s name is Thon-Gul X; it indwells him.



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