Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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Jane sleeps. She wakes up. She goes to school. She comes home. She looks at Johnny Pancake.

“You gonna throw that out?” Martin asks. He’s her brother. Well, her adoptive brother. Well, the guy who found her in the pantry. Really, there is no good way to summarize their relationship.

“No,” she says. “Silly! That’s Johnny Pancake.”


“He’s not going bad,” Jane says, “so I won’t eat him.”

“Hmm,” Martin says. He pokes at Johnny Pancake. “Looks pretty bad to me.”

But he shrugs. He takes down the potato pancake food. He tosses the box to Jane. Then he goes off to his room to do whatever it is boys actually do.

(Jane isn’t quite sure. It’s mysterious!)

So she feeds Johnny Pancake and puts the box of potato pancake food away.



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