Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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The little wooden boy passes a great chained gorgon. It stares at him. It recognizes him as unreal. He burns away to nothing, in the light of those eyes; there’s just a single jewel that falls and tumbles across the floor — but then it looks at the way that he isn’t there and he burns right back into being alive!

“You poor thing,” he says.

He cuts the bonds that hold it. (He has a sword that can cut anything.) Then he hurries away before it looks at him or at not-him any more.

Do you ever wonder if a great chained gorgon isn’t looking at you? I mean, if it’s looking at the not-you that isn’t not there?

Sometimes I worry about that myself.

But he doesn’t worry. He just scurries! He scurries under the centipede’s domain.



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