Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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And the wolf thinks on Edmund’s words, and he on Fenris’; and in the end they come to their separate decisions, which are these:

The wolf thinks, I shall be good, if I am good, but if I am not, I shall not be bothered.

And Edmund sits on his roof and he stares up at the stars and he says, even knowing that the wolf’s ears are sharp he says it:

“It’s got to die.”

He cannot stop thinking of what happened to the gardener. He has a sudden flash of memory, and also of its absence; he remembers a sudden, wild night of passion on the island, but not whether he used contraception; he cannot remember the girl’s features, cannot remember her name; he thinks, if Vaenwode’s heir should quicken in that womb

He cannot stop thinking of the gardener; of his own destiny; and of the awfulness of the furrows and the suppurating wounds of them where the fetter holds Fenris bound.



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