Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 10 –

– 10 –

Helissent delivers herself of a child. They name the child Edmund, Jr.

Mr. Gulley cradles him in his arms and tells him secrets. He shows him triumphantly to the Lethal Corporation board and upper management, to his giant wolf, and to his dwarf.

A year and change goes by.

Mr. Gulley doesn’t visit Fenris Wolf as often. When he goes below, he stands at a distance, and Fenris whines and flops one ear.

“I can’t get close to you any longer,” says Mr. Gulley. “You’ll eat me.”

“I miss you,” says Fenris.

There is a peculiar twitch in Mr. Gulley’s sinus. Tears water at his eyes. He grits his will against them. “I’m sorry,” he says.



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