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The Goat Impersonator

The Goat Impersonator

Martin hires it from the Gettier goat-impersonation service.

It is a creature, presenting as a goat.

“Can you talk?” Martin asks it.

It doesn’t answer.

“Ooh! Ooh!” says Jane. She waves a hand around. Eventually Martin gives in and calls on her. She points at the creature. “Can you dance?”

The impersonator chews thoughtfully on a can’t.

“That’s a no!” says Jane.

“Goats can’t tell the difference,” says Martin. “It probably thinks that it’s bacon.”

“Hmm,” says Jane. “Can you tell the difference?” she asks.

The creature bleats. It bumps its head against Jane. It wanders off to do other recycling, or, possibly, the laundry.



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