Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 3 –

– 3 –

The rock-paper-scissors-playing robot Navvy Jim plays rock-paper-scissors with Emily. Or at least, he tries.

He counts: one. Two. Three.

He counts!

With each count he lowers his hand. On the final count he tries to throw rock, paper, or scissors. He cannot. His arm creaks and his ears shed sparks instead.

Emily is making an absurd gesture. It is like a claw.

“Tiger’s claw beats indecision!” she declares.

Navvy Jim’s eyes glow red dissatisfaction. “That is not legitimate,” he says. “Let us try again.”

“OK!” says Emily, cheerfully.

He lifts his fist. He strikes it through the air, three times. On the third try he sparks again.

“Oh, man,” she says. “Indecision beats whale.”

“Emily,” says Navvy Jim, plaintively. “I am a rock-paper-scissors playing robot. You cannot keep doing this to me.”



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