Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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“No mercury,” Amelia mutters. “No arsenic. Not even a jug of brandy. Think of the child!”

She goes a little spacey. She giggles. She thinks of the child, of her and the child, of running through the fields of the future, forever young, with her half-twin immortal child at her side —

“Do you think he’ll be a renegade alchemist?” Amelia asks, eagerly.

“I don’t —” says Bertram Gulley, but she’s already realized that the lost tablets of Lemuria and their bleak prophecies of the future may hold useful and relevant information about her child. She’s dashed off! She’s gone!

“I, I don’t know,” says Bertram, staring at an Amelia-shaped space of air where he can’t quite process that she’s gone.



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