Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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Tom hops to his feet.

“Anyway,” he says, and gestures around. “This is our meeting room. It’s also the dining room, so we can’t have our meetings during dinner or Mom is certain to find out. That’s our tree-house — oh, you can’t see it, I guess —”

Jane squints at him.

“And upstairs are the bedrooms. I was going to show you ’em last night but you never came up to bed?”

“I was glowering,” says Jane.

“Capital,” says Tom. “Well, let’s take a look now.”

Jane tags along as the Doom Team shows her the House on Doom Lane. She is not entirely sure what to make of her new situation.

“I can see the tree-house,” she says, as she looks out a window.

“Ah,” says Tom. “Well, yeah, from this angle.”

She squints.



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