Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 11 –

– 11 –

Jane clings to an iron chain. Tom feeds it out, above her, lowering her down into the garden. Jane descends, inch by inch. Below her, the roses tremble. Each stem is lined with thorns. Each pearl is dewed with rain.

The awful lovable space princess assassin nanny who will kill these adorable helpless children unless they can make a Taoist immortality elixir in time stands in a garden arch nearby, staring out at the rain. She is holding Mouser with one arm and petting the cat with another. Her umbrella, fully opened up and converted into a space gun, stands on its tip beside her.

“I’d sure like to go out in the rain and hunt those kids,” she tells herself, audibly. “But I can’t protect myself from precipitation with a space gun.”

Jane looks at her.

It is possible that the nanny is still a little hesitant to pull the trigger on her charges.


Her eyes catch Jane’s, across the garden.

“Damn it!” says Jane. “I looked too hard!”



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