Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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Earth is too far away for Saul to return by sugar fairy. It is even too far away for Saul to return by boat. If he were to try to travel back to Earth the normal way the Earth would probably have been eaten or broken or polished clean by the time he made it back. Magical jaguars can only do so much, and Hans is dead.

Instead Saul suffocates there, halfway between Earth and the Land of Pleasure and Happiness.

His eyes bulge. He rotates, far from worlds and suns. He gasps but he does not breathe.

Bit by bit the stern life of a svart-elf in him drains away. It flutters out sparkling from him like powdered sugar or the sparkling of stars. It spreads itself gallantly and homeopathically throughout the cosmos, and for the rest of the universe’s lifespan there will be places and people touched for a moment by the sparkling of Saul’s life. Where it comes to rest on bits of rock and starstuff it gives forth sugar fairies, and if you should be so lucky as to get the dust of svart-elf in your eye you shall see clearly for all your life; but as for Saul, he is gone. He is lifeless. The soul of him has departed.

It rockets around the wheel of Samsara, ballistically.

It is flung at superluminal speeds to Earth.



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