Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 12 –

– 12 –

As for Edmund, he has eaten the sacredness of death.

If you wrote it all out as a little list of ingredients —

*   The footfalls of a cat

*   The arms of a four-armed ape

*   The spittle of a bird

*   The sacredness of death

*   The torment of the willing

*   The bearing witness to the wrongness

*   and the tape that binds an emu

*   and the perseverance of hope

— you’d see that he’s making pretty good progress, as Gulleys go, against the chain that binds his wolf. A bit of eating an impossible thing here, a bit of luck with a swarm of scissors happening to attack the world and rattle down a chimney and cut a key bit of tape there, and hey presto, he’s on his way!

Which is pretty scary, I guess. I mean, that wolf (I hear), it’s going to eat the world.

But it also kind of goes to show you that this story isn’t about Edmund, either.

I mean, we haven’t even seen a four-armed ape.



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