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About Hitherby Dragons

About Hitherby Dragons

If you look out at the world, there’s a lot that you know. There’s a lot that you understand. But at the edge of your map, there’s emptiness.

There’s questions that are hard to answer.

There’s things that are hard to explain.

There’s choices that don’t make sense and there’s a sea of chaos and there’s emptiness.

So a while back, Jane went out to the edge of the world, where Santa Ynez touches on the chaos. She walked across the bridge to the abandoned tower of the gibbelins. Finding that its machinery was in recoverable order, she assembled a theater company of gods and humans to answer suffering.

Also they put on shows.

Hitherby Dragons represents a collated, transcribed, and occasionally somewhat edited or adapted collection of transmissions from the theater company at Gibbelins’ Tower. Enemies Endure: Stomping the World Round is the second novel-length work from this collection.

Stay tuned for book 2:

Enemies Endure: the Storm that Saw Itself

. . . starting its serialization on in June 2013!


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