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Gnostic Theurgy

Gnostic Theurgy

The cruel demiurge creates the world. It makes ichneumon wasps and high society. It crafts Bieber Fever on its terrible forge. It founds an Esoteric Studies Department at the Lethal Magnet School for Wayward Youth; then rests.

“With this,” says the demiurge, “I will brand the world with the image of myself.”

It does not bother with petty hiring decisions. Those are left for its eternal enemy. Its eternal enemy hires many Professors of various sorts and feeds them into the demiurge’s maw.

Then the eternal enemy wises up!

“Hey,” says its eternal enemy. “Hey. We could actually do something good here.”

“No,” says the cruel demiurge.

It is resting.

It does not want to do anything good. It is a creature of blind folly. It is a manifestation of that awful crawling chaos that wears masks of Zero Tolerance, No Child Left Behind, and, in Brentwood, the Esoteric Studies Department.

That is why its eternal enemy deposes it.

“I am going to hire this new guy,” its eternal enemy says. “This, um,or something. Then I’m going to not feed him into your maw.”

“Aw, man,” says the cruel demiurge.

“Instead, he’ll have to teach!”

The cruel demiurge twitches this off like it would a fly. It sleeps. It ignores the wickedness of its eternal enemy. One day it will wake and devour all the world that it created—

But for now, it is content.


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