Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 1 –

A snake-wroth falls into the primeval ocean. It stirs up the sediment and invents DNA among the silt. This dissatisfies it. Life is inadequate to it.

Eons slip by while it cultivates itself beneath the waves.

The snake-wroth folds itself up eventually into a serpent. It writhes. It surrounds the world. It laughs at the life that throngs upon the land and in the waters and it wraps itself around the planet to split the sphere of it in twain.

In this it fails.

Heroes strive against it. They fight. They die. Then one succeeds; a hero kills it: drives a spear of raw Unmaking through its heart.

It tastes the face of the girl who slew it.

It is cruel what she has done; it is unforgivable; but it forgives her, anyway, because her tears are salt.



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