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Entities Frozen under the Ice

Entities Frozen under the Ice

It’s lucky that they’d invented the satellite that sees around corners or they’d never have gotten Special Topics in Entities Frozen Under the Ice going. Before that, the entities frozen under the ice were purely hypothetical; notional; legends. Fragments of a history predating the world.

Now, of course,can look at them. Study them. Analyze them, on behalf of the Lethal Corporation, to prepare both corporate and students for whatever the satellite finds.

That’s how Moah discovered the chimerae.

All the things that Hans buried.

The princes. The witches. The frogs.

And the thing, of course, that means that nobody can know. Nobody can be allowed to know. Ever.

If people knew, they would find it. If people knew, they would free it.

The satellite photos get roundfiled. The photos of those — you can obviously get a good look at Professor Moah’s desk if you’re a satellite that can see around corners — those get roundfiled too.

Only vague descriptions escape.

If people knew what was found, they would not rest until they had seen it for themselves. Having seen it, there would be no help for it: they would save it.

If people knew, they would save it, and disco would return to the world.



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