Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 5 –

– 5 –

Lucy stands. She watches Meredith dance.

“Oh, hey,” says Max.

He wanders in. He tilts his head.

“Just watching?”

“I make her nervous,” Lucy says. “She thinks I am going to kill and eat her. In this she is probably correct, but not during a club function. So I stand here, and she dances there, and later, we swap places.”

“Heh,” says Max.

“You’re not afraid?” Lucy says.

He ruffles her hair. She squints in irritation.

“Let me show you the best thing in the Konami Thunder Dance,” he says.

“There’s no one best —”

She stops.

“Fine,” she says.

So he shows her Dynamite.



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