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Antarctic Procrastination

Antarctic Procrastination

It should be understood that the prophecy is inevitable. It will happen because it must happen. It cannot be avoided save by some sort of wholesale damage to the timeline, some transtemporal process wiping the prophecy slate clean. Even that would raise issues, such as:

Where, then, did the prophecy come from?

Or what, then, does the prophecy mean?

So it is inevitable despite all the conscientious, willful awareness of the Known Existential Threats team that one day its esteemed Professor of Antarctic Procrastination will travel north (or is it south? It’s best not to check.) to the Antarctic and awaken the end of the world.

It is as certain as the snow. As definite as the real.
wakes up.

He runs the forecast. It’s actually pretty cold in Antarctica right now, and for the next few weeks. It’s not pleasant.

“Hm,” Professor Johnson says.

The expedition’s pretty much all packed. Everybody has their gear and stuff. You can only put that off for so long before it feels like you’re just faking it. Eventually they’ll have to go to the airport, Professor Johnson and students, and go hunt their forthcoming doom down.

It’s really cold there.

The expedition, decides Professor Scott Johnson, will not head out for the Antarctic today.



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