Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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“If I were a goat, ” Martin says, and he reaches skywards. He looks up. “I’d cut you, God. I’d slice you raw. I’d peel apart the endless hungry void.”

“Goats don’t do that,” observes Jane.

She’s his sister. Well, his adoptive sister. Well, the girl he found in the pantry. Really, there is no good way to summarize their relationship.

She’s sitting on a stool, drinking milk through a straw.

“Some goats might’n,” Martin argues. He doesn’t clarify what the ’n is an abbreviation for so we are going to have to assume it stands for “navigate starships.”

“If I were a goat,” Jane says thoughtfully, gesturing to denote a grand vision, “I would eat nothing but fruit cake and daisies.”

Martin squints at her through his Martin-goggles. “You have a fanciful notion of goats.”



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