Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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  1. It’s supremely boggling that this series has 0 comments. Or at least none that I have noticed. (I might be wrong in that, but def much less than it deserves)

    I’ve read stuff that made me nod respectfully at the craft of masters. Stuff unabashedly better than what I’m capable of right now. That moved me, inspired me, that sparked my neurons and synapses into a jittery, mad dance of flailing half-asleep limbs and raucous 4AM laughter. Pratchett, Gaiman, fun stuff like Umineko, Bokurano, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer.

    But reading through your stuff…this is the first time I’ve felt jealous that I didn’t write something. Did I say that right? That I was reading something that I wished I had written. That’s the ticket.

    I dunno, its something about the lyrical beauty in the words. The fanciful simplicity. And the jaguars! Oh the jaguars!

    So, I wanted to thank you for this. For birthing something so…FANfuckingTASTIC into the world. So I will.

    Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Dank you.

    I even feel obligated to be whimsical this comment in the hopes of raising your esteem of this random internet stranger.

    You had my silent admiration, but here’s some digital proof. Though I will say I think I liked Book 1 best. Might change on reread though.

    I’ll be off to contemplate just what kind of slash that spiders would write about Spock. You are just aces!

    • Thank you for your kind words! They are much appreciated.

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