Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 1 –

– 1 –

Long ago, in the winter before the world, a goat began to sharpen itself.

What a bad goat!

It grew sharper and sharper. It began to trouble the great smiths of the svart-alfar. Karl the smith went to subdue the goat, but it was too sharp for him. It cut the rope Karl used to bind it. It ripped the nets. Its fur made Karl’s hands bleed and one horn made Karl’s gut bleed and it left him dying on the snow.

Hans came.

Hans the smith knelt by Karl. Hans fed Karl the svart-drink, but it did him no great good.

“Don’t worry,” says Hans. “I’ll kill it.”

Karl shook his head.

Hans frowned at him. “I shouldn’t?” he said. “Why not?”

But Karl died.

What terrible timing! Hans wound up having to guess.



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