Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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It’s not that she wants to die or anything. She’d rather live! It’s just that usually when a jaguar falls on you, particularly all the way from space, it doesn’t matter how ready your heart is or how strong you are. The flesh has limits to how much it can take.

So I’m scared for her, and I’m admiring towards her, because she’s gone out there anyway. She’s gone out to that waste at the end of the world, with its sticky trees, past that cow on its throne and the paper-tongued snake, and she’s calling the jaguars down.

She’s just decided that it’s time; and that somebody has to do it; and that she’s the only one who can possibly get it done.

So that’s pretty cool and all. Three cheers for Emily!

But this isn’t her story, either.



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