Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 1 –

– 1 –

Fenris whines. Fenris struggles. The world resists.

Against the fabric of things it strains.

There is no Sid to buffer it. The world is fraying.

The world calls to the Keepers’ House but they cannot come. They cannot stand in a creepy circle around Fenris. They cannot distract the wolf with their eyes from its freedom.

There are too few of them left. They . . . would not survive.

Tom is disturbed by a sudden intuition. Sid almost bites the missing fingernails of his hands. Emily tries to pay attention in class even though the world is calling.

Edmund’s head turns with a sudden snap.

The cord frays. The cord rips.

It is Gotterdammerung.

Fenris Wolf stretches, and the wolf comes free.





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