Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 5 –

– 5 –

One day Jeremiah Clean is working, and he remembers the moment of Hans’ death; he remembers what that felt like, what it felt like to become sacred, clean, and pure.

He dresses the same way as any other day. Maybe it’s a little sharper, now.

He puts on a hat.

It’s not a magic hat. It’s just . . . maybe it’s a memory, that there were magic hats, once upon a time.

Then he begins.

“Let’s finish this,” he says.

After Gotterdammerung, there is a new world: a bright world, a pure world, a safe world; but as bright as it may be, as pure as it may be, as clean as it may be, it is endlessly too dirty still for a man like Jeremiah Clean.



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