Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 11 –

– 11 –

His saran wrap —

It clings to a tree in the cleanly world behind them.

It is only scarcely conscious. It has only the vaguest notion that a ray sent seven hundred years’ distance by the Warlord Thon-Gul X is hitting it square-on from the depths of space. It does not know what it means that this terrible needle of decohesion energy threatens to overwhelm it.

It only knows, as it has always known, that it must cling.

It must hold to itself, and keep on holding.

And the warlord Thon-Gul X is lamenting. He weeps and wails in his distant palace, drowned in its endless starless blue.

“If only it did not thus cling!” cries the wicked warlord; if only!

But enemies endure.



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