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It’s not a good goat.


It’s not that I want it to ravage the world, or to have ravaged the world. It’s not that I think it should have been loosed to be a sene-goat, or even that I think that it should be free at all. And I certainly don’t think that Hans has the right to just . . . kill it or whatever, just for being atypically sharp.

I don’t even know what it is that I think that Hans should actually have done.

I just know that if he had left the goat free, then it would have divided its time between sharpening and ravaging. It would have been a hundred times, a thousand times, duller than it is, and most probably also dead. It is precisely because he has chosen to imprison it, to pen this goat, to keep it there, to keep it bound, that it is sharpening itself and nothing but sharpening itself for every minute of every day.



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