Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 8 –

– 8 –

Mr. Gulley is a giant of industry. He has a dwarf living in his backyard.

The first comes about like this.

The wolf-gold still runs through the family’s coffers. The Gulleys have proven impossible to bankrupt or financially inconvenience; their wealth is stuck to them, it is with them and within them, it is bound to them as inextricably as the wolf. It is an odd thing because money only works by spending; by the time of Nordri Gullwing, their riches were already principally different gold, and now it is mostly bits and ledgers — but there is something in them and tangled through them that keeps them rich.

Mr. Gulley’s father had idled with it; his grandfather had dabbled in world events; but Mr. Gulley himself decides to build a mercantile engine with which to kill the wolf.



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