Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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Martin giggles. “It was just so cute seeing you divining stuff there. What happened to the other one?”

“Other one?”

“You know,” he says. “The sun-eating wolf!”

She punches him.

However, such is her immortal compassion that it does not hurt.

“All right, all right,” Martin says. “Sorry.”


“I was worried,” Martin shrugs. “One day I realized that I was raising a gigantic sun-eating wolf. I thought, oh, man, people are totally not going to understand how this happened.”

“How did it happen?”

Martin waves a hand vaguely. People wouldn’t understand.

“The point is,” Martin says, “I absolutely had to go and study killing gigantic wolves at the Lethal Magnet School for Wayward Youth. There was no alternative! I mean, they actually have a program. I missed you too, you know.”

“You didn’t absolutely have to,” Jane says. “That’s just your phrase for what you decided to do!”

Martin sighs. He pulls a bit of newspaper out of Jane’s hair. Jane is ridiculously startled, having forgotten that things like that can actually be removed.



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