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Spiritual Propulsion Technologies

Spiritual Propulsion Technologies

It is surprisingly easy to separate lab rats into competing ninja clans and encourage them into a subtle all-out war.

“It’s just like the anime,” sighs one of Professor Gardner’s students, in wonder.

A lab rat spins through ninja space in a burst of red. It reappears, unexpectedly early, halfway across the cage, transfixed by a whisker grown into a spear.

“That wasn’t like the anime,” another student argues. “Whisker chakra is supposed to be incompatible with ninja-space.”

“It was probably a special skill!”

Professor Gardner clears his throat, reminding the students that they shouldn’t be theorizing on whether the ongoing rat ninja war is using legitimate ninjutsu or is a control group of specially-trained rat actors with extensive Chinese opera experience until after the data collection portion of the experiment.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” Lisa says. She’s on one of the three-person task teams. “The GPS is just cutting completely out in ninja space. Where are they going?”

One day, if they crack the secret—

One day, it might be his students who solve it; who find it, and can harness it with science, and build for the first time a true ninja drive.

For now—

“You might want to start,” he says, frowning a little because of something unexpected, “by figuring out where that one picked up its new hat.”


Disclaimer: all shinobi rats are highly-trained volunteers who achieved sentience after watching too many episodes of “Whisker Ninjas.” Chinese opera rats are trained in accordance with the Shǔbiāo hòuwèi protocols.



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