Serializations of the Hitherby Dragons novels

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– 1 –

Jeremiah Clean’s got the world just about straightened out, now.

There was a bit of a kink. A bit of a hitch, if you know what I mean, roundabouts the time Hans was ending. But the new guy’s grown into his job now. He’s got it covered.

He’s even getting known.

His life is pretty sweet, now. People respect him. They tip their hat to him when he passes them in the halls. He’ll tip his hat right back.

“Mr. Brown,” he’ll say. Or “Mr. Evans.” —

Well, wait. Not “Mr. Evans.”

“Mr. Brown,” he’ll say. Or “Mr. Pungent.” Or whatever else is the person’s name. Maybe even “Ms. Edrafille Imbroglio.”

But not “Mr. Evans.”

He took care of the Evans’.

And they’ll say, of course: “Mr. Clean.”

The world’s practically polished, spit and polished, now, and yet —

Somehow it doesn’t make him happy.

He’d thought, if he could just get all these horrors under control. These giant wolves and giant snakes, the big scorpions, the crime —

That he’d be happy.

He looks at the world, though, and it’s still not clean.



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